A & B Hazelnut Trees nursery provides hazelnut tree sales direct to the home gardener, hobby farmer and commercial grower.

ALL our stock meet the following criteria
• Hazelnut varieties grown and proven world wide.
• Leading varieties in Australian hazelnut field trials.
• Hazelnut whips are true to type.
• Nuts fall free of the husk.
• Nuts from any tree will blanch.
• Nuts suit in-shell or confectionery.
• Polliniser varieties give total cover.

Mudgee NSW Hazelnut Nursery | Hazelnut tree suppliers

 We offer two main varieties of hazelnut trees for mainland Australia. Being early or mid-season, they have the advantage of sufficient pollen being available to them.

A well known variety with good flavour. It has moderate pest and disease resistance and a medium chill requirement. Vigorous in growth and able to adapt to a range of conditions makes it ideal for the average situation. The nuts are suitable for a range of products.

Tonda di Giffoni
This strong growing tree of Italian origin is now grown world wide with good reason — it has the best pest and disease resistance and the most consistent nut size. The good nutty flavour has made it a top nut in confectionery. With less chilling required, it may also suit areas with milder winters such as nearer the coast.

Polliniser Varieties supplied for each, or both, are Lewis and Halls Giant.
Hazelnut trees are supplied as bare root whips and are available for planting mid-Winter.

Mudgee NSW Hazelnut Nursery | Hazelnut tree suppliers


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